Legends LARP Productions, LLC
We create worlds for your stories to be told.

Why play our games?
We are not storytellers, we are simply the narrators of the world in which you build your own story. We run player-centric games in which the mechanics are the tools to enhance your story, the cast are supporting characters, and the world is the backdrop.

Legends of the Seas is a live action role playing experience running in Pennsylvania. We are an American campaign larp that is taking storytelling techniques from the Nordic larp community and incorporating them to improve the experience of our participants. By using this combination of storytelling techniques, we are able to provide content for dramatists, gamists, and immersionists without conflict. We are using the lightest-touch combat system, and an in-game economy with gathering and crafting systems to simulate a resource dependent world. 

Set on an alien oceanic world and drawing from the seafaring cultures of history for inspiration, we have leaned into the pirate motif, rather our participants have leaned into the pirate motif. As "the pirate larp" our events are presented as collaborative survival on an island beset by enemies, fraught with danger, the occasional mystery to solve, and a town to build and maintain. We even have mechanics to help our participants tell stories of high seas adventure between events.

Welcome to Magnomori, do you have what it takes?

Other Products
Legends LARP Productions, LLC will be expanding our services soon.  Watch this space.